Dirty Ho

This weekend I got in a fight with a dirty ho and the dirty ho won. We took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend to do some gardening. Unfortunately, I ruined our day by stepping on our garden ho. It's a good thing Scott and Nai Nai were there to help me and that Yeh Yeh was around to look after Hayden while we went to the hospital for a tetanus shot. No stitches necessary. We didn't even have to wait at the hospital for very long because of our very resourceful Nai Nai who told the staff that my breastfed baby was at home starving. Actually, I think he was stuffing his face with a banana. I couldn't bare to look at the little old lady who had been waiting for 2 hours as we sped out of there in less than 45 minutes.

Luckily we got home in time to enjoy most of the game. Go Sens Go!

As I hobbled around the rest of the weekend, Scotty played hard and worked hard. Hayden just came along for the ride and ate whatever he could get his hands on. Before



I thought you said you'd beat Perth this year.