On the Mend

Ughhh...this thing is really hanging on for dear life. On Saturday, after being cooped up in the house since Wednesday, we thought we might be able to handle a little trip to the store. Three minutes in and I felt like curling up in the linen aisle. I feel slightly better today but not enough to enjoy the beautiful weather. Scott felt much better so he took Jessie and Hayden to Bruce Pits on his own! They had lots of fun together.

Hayden is really loving Jessie these days. He smiles so big whenever she is near and grabs on to anything he can. He laughs at her and loves her licks. Just wait until she starts mooching his food...then we'll see how long the love affair lasts.

Hayden is eating once a day. We're feeding him rice cereal and have also given him a little banana and sweet potatoe. The texture is still pretty soupy but he really loves it and leans forward for more.

To pass the time while being sick, I got a little addicted to browsing etsy. It's a great site where people can sell their handmade goodies. It has some great features. If you mark some of your favourite items, they'll suggest items based on those favourites. Check it out.

Here I am with some new bangs. Thanks James!