Dance Fever

This weekend we got all gussied up and headed to the Falls for a wedding. This was Hayden's first and he wanted to be sure to enjoy it. It's a good thing Grandma Elaine bought him such a nice button-down shirt to wear for the occasion. He was super dooper excellent in the church and barely made a peep. At the reception, he partied down at the open bar and then fell asleep amidst all the noise and dancing. Many people came over to gawk in amazement that he could sleep through all the racket. I also stared in amazement as I thought of all the times at home when he awoke from a fraction of a decibel. Of course, Hayden had many admirers from the calendar that Grandma Elaine has been showing off.

Being that we were on Daddy's old turf, there were many people who commented on how grown up our Scotty looked. Many couldn't believe that this once "Wild Child" was now rocking his son to sleep and changing diapers. "A big change from his beer-swigging helmet days", remarked one gentleman. Here is a good before and after shot for you. The first picture is of Scott at Jaime and Jonny's wedding early last summer. Notice the sweat indicating the all-night dancing bliss. The next shot was taken this weekend. Such a mature looking dad, holding himself back from his dance urges. It's pretty amazing what can happen in just a few short months.