Checked Out

Alright, I get it. I'm a bad videographer. In my defense, we were actually trying to put Hayden to sleep before he had the giggle fit which accounts for the darkness of the video. Next time I decide to capture him on film, I'll be sure to hire a better production crew. Wasn't it more about the sound anyways. Jeez, you're all getting so demanding and picky with this blog.

Hayden had another check up today at CHEO for his uretal dilatation(?). Everything checked out really great and normal. They are going to check on him again at 12 months to be extra-extra-safe but the doctor says that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Well that's good.

Sleep is not going so great right now. I believe it has to do with the teething. Did I mention that there are two sharp nubs now? He's getting up every couple of hours, quite angrily actually. It's enough to drive his poor workin' dad to sleep with Jessie. I don't blame him actually. Here is Hayden numbing his gums.