Catching Zs

Lately, Hayden and I have managed to slip into a better sleeping routine than before. I've managed to feed him (usually twice, sometimes three times) before he really wakes himself up too much. In this way, it almost feels like he's sleeping through the night, even though I may not be. It makes for a more peaceful night. Most days, he'll wake up really early but we'll just play in bed and then I can usually get him back to sleep for an hour or so. I've probably cursed myself by putting this in print though. Who knows what will happen tonight.
Hayden is also laughing a lot more these days. I think it's a laugh anyways. He kind of does a croaking-sucking type of sound. It's funny because sometimes it makes him cough so he'll be laughing and coughing at the same time. Check out these new videos which have some samples.
Jaime came over for a visit yesterday. We were talking about how much he's changed lately. He is so much more responsive. He is really starting to become a little person and it's fun to watch his personality develop.