Wake me up when September ends

As everyone else is pulling out their fresh markers from their shiny new backpacks, Hayden, Daisy and I are trying to settle into a routine. This is only day two mind you. I'll let you know how it's going after a little more time. Suffice it to say that I hope things are on an upward trend.
Meanwhile, here are some pics from the last of our summer adventures. Jaime and I took the kids to the Papanack Zoo on the hottest day in the history of the world. It looked like a fun zoo. We wouldn't know because Hayden got distracted by the cruddy little playground and then took a suck when we tried to show him the animals instead.

The great potty struggle of 2009 continues. The battle wears on but I hold out hope.
Hayden had a blast when Meghan and Owen came over for a playdate. The kids had fun eating a pizza, making Meghan push the boys on the tractor, taking a bath together, and settling down for a movie.

Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis made the trek down to Ottawa for an Officer family reunion at our house. We have so much fun when they visit and we're always bummed when they leave.
We went for a visit to see Papa. Hayden still loves running around his retirement complex. Daisy enjoyed putting smiles on some faces, including Papa's. On the way home from Montreal on the highway, we passed Ray Ray and Jenny who were on their way home from the Montreal airport after their honeymoon! What a co-winky-dink!
Our new roomies are settling in and getting used to all the sticky messes and sloppy kisses that come with living with us. Look at Daisy May staring at her style icon and Hayden grossing Shawn out at the breakfast table. Shawn has most appropriately nicknamed Hayden "The Hurricane".

Daisy May took the summer to grow like a weed. She's got two bottom teeth now and she put them to good use last night on her first meal. She chose sweet potatoes and gobbled them down quickly. She's still quite a Mama's gal and prefers to spend her time being held. She loves watching Hayden bounce around.

I'm off to try and entertain both kids while walking the dog. If you don't hear from me in a while, send for reinforcements and pray that we survive through nap time.