Our only family photo to date.

Hello Mateys. I know it's been a while since we be postin' but we be busy sailing on the briney blue for loot and pirate booty. Here are some pics from our adventures on the high seas on Hayden's actual birthday. The folks did a whole song and dance where the kids got to look for treasure, shoot the water cannons at Pirate Pete, and even dance a jig. Hayden's favourite part was definitely the cannons. He hit a wall towards the end and just stopped moving.

The official pirate salute.
Hayden looking for buried treasure. Gross.
Hayden after having hit the wall.
He got picked up and carried out from that same spot.
Plunked into the car and fell asleep.
We're also getting up to no good at home. This week marks the beginning of some crucial socializing for Hayden (and alone time for Daisy and I). Hayden starts Duffer Doo on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and he's also doing a music class on Fridays. This past Friday, we started with an orientation for Duffer Doo and then his first music class. We told him about it the night before and he was so excited that he got up two hours early. By the time music class came around, the poor sucker was so tired that he refused to participate when we got there. Then the teacher brought out the instruments and he got excited. She gave him the bells and then he threw a hissy for the sticks. It was so fun---NOT. Here's hopin' this week goes a bit smoother.
Daisy was sick all weekend. She had a low grade fever for a couple of days but is feeling much better now. She's getting slightly better at night but still pesters me quite a bit. She's still a bit of a diva.
We've been getting into somewhat of a routine here. Hayden, Daisy, and I can manage the groceries with fewer incidents (only one hospital visit for falling out of the cart). They both enjoy coming to exercise class with me where Hayden is supposed to sit on his island (blue mat) but usually ventures out to do some weights with me while Daisy amuses herself in the exersaucer. We fair better when we keep busy and stay out and about. Today we are staying at home so that Hayden can stay in some underwear all day long. So far, we got 3 pees in the toilet and one poop in the pants. Heavy sigh.
Hayden's been a bit funny at night claiming to be scared. Before we leave, he has us remove almost everything that isn't bolted to the ground. He's really into Toy Story these days and Scott is excited to take him to the double bill 3D version soon.

Hmmm...I wonder if Daisy will notice if I just take one nibble.
Yup, she noticed.

Through some miracle, they both happen to be napping right now so excuse me while a steal a moment for myself while I got it. Tootles!


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