The Real Hayden

Last Friday, Mommy and Daddy put our best babsitting team to work while we went to see the real Hayden. He played in a beautiful church and while the pews may have been a bit uncomfortable, his songs sounded great. Our brave Daddy even snuck in "backstage" afterwards to tell him our story. We got our picture taken with him so that we can show our Hayden who he is named after. Thank you to Ray and Jenny for taking such good care of our Hayden. No wonder he loves ya so much.The Real Hayden Babysitters for Hire

Meanwhile, we have a new baby: our basement. Uncle Ray and Daddy have been working so hard to make us all a fun new space to hang out. We're so grateful for all of the hours they spend down there. We assume they're working down there based on how dang good it all looks.

Hayden's up to no good as usual. The other day, Laura caught him wagging his finger at Liam and then he slapped him! She gave him a timeout and when it was over, he went straight to Liam and gave him a hug. So, while our son may now purposefully smack to cause pain, he also shows empathy and understanding. I guess that's a good trade off.

He continues to babble incessantly. I guess he's a real comedian at the daycare and keeps all of the kids (and the cleaning ladies) in hysterics as he goes on and on with his stories. If one of us goes somewhere in the house beyond his reach (upstairs, downstairs, behind a closed door), he'll yell to you until you come back. He also used his "more" sign for a non-food item the other day. He used it to have a book read aloud again and again and again. Some more super fun pasttimes include climbing on chairs, tables, and shelves and taking off all of his daipers and clothes. He also likes to go into the food cabinet, get himselves raisins, and sit back to watch "Laverne and Shirley", his new favourite show.