Poor Hayden has a case of the barfs. On Saturday night we left him with Aunty Jaime to celebrate Uncle Ray's birthday. Jaime got a wonderful treat when he crawled over to her and cuddled with her for a good long while. She loved every second of it until he sat up and yakked all over the place. He was perfectly fine Sunday and all day Monday but upchucked again yesterday when we got home. My thinking is that he ate something funny because he was fine afterwards and hasn't had any other symptoms. Poor little guy. He's certainly feeling better though. Here he is telling me all about it:

Meanwhile, he's picked up a lovely habit of playing with the Swiffer! Lucky me!
This could very well be the culprit behind the puke-fest...yogourt.
Playing in the snow.


Anonymous said...

Cute and messy little guy, but where is the basement??? Scott's public wants to see his handiwork!