We're Ba-aack!

Here are some images from the past week or so. Hayden's been real busy. He has certainly mastered crawling and the art of getting up to no good. Taking your eyes off of him (even for a second) can result in disaster. He's gone in for his first haircut but the batteries died on our camera. We also just got back from a trip to Toronto. It was filled with yummy food, fun walks in the park, waitresses with big boobies and booties, Nico blaming her farts on Hayden, and fun times with Sara and Shawn. He's excited for summer now that Daddy's done school. We hope your long weekend was as fun filled as ours.

My Two Dads: Ray and Daddy

The Ribfest Crew: Ellen, Daddy, and That Crazy Greek Guy
My new favourite snack
Breakfast with some Hot Chicks
Mommy taking advantage that their are other people who want to hold me

Aunty Sara and Momm's form of torture
What I aspire to be?
You're eating succulent steak and this is what I get?
Nico's swing
All tuckered out from my wicked awesome trip to Toronto