Now that the lazy days of summer are here, I guess I'm finding it hard to keep up with my posts. Much of last week was spent in our usual fashion. Hayden and I started our new Mommy and Me exercise class out of doors at the Arboredum. While he may find it relaxing to hang out with his friends under the shade of beautiful trees, I find it slightly more tortuous then climbing Everest while I run the hills and do push ups on the dirt. It is nice to have Scott around a little more during the days as his summer schedule permits him to be at home a little more. This weekend we celebrated a couple of very lucky occasions. Scott's cousin Jennifer changed ranks from Officer to Vroom this past Saturday. Hayden was able to spend some quality time with Second Cousin Maggie who was excellent at feeding him crackers and keeping him entertained. Hayden and I also went to Jaime's grandfather's 77th birthday party which he celebrated on 07-07-07! Last night, the two of us were able to get out for Bluesfest. Hayden's good friend Miss Jenny took very good care of him. Too bad Ray came home and ruined their perfect evening. Just kidding Ray. Hayden wanted to say, "Thank you Miss Jenny!"