Happy Birthday Daddy

This is a picture of Hayden and I restless with indecision about what to get Scott for his big 30th birthday. We were calling everyone for ideas.This is what Hayden thought of my first gift idea (a holiday away with just Mommy) so I decided against that. We're happy that we managed to pull off our first gift idea: a Sens win. He really seemed to appreciate it as did all of Daddy's friends who were over for his birthday party. We all had a great time and really appreciated everyone who was able to make it out. Scott had a great time playing football, eating deliciously bbq'd food (thanks Jay), and seeing so many of his most favourite people. Today we celebrated with Grandma, Grandpa, Nai Nai, and Yeh Yeh in Smiths Falls. Hayden had lots of fun playing with Grandpa and the rest of us really enjoyed Grandma's delicious cooking. We hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend Daddy and that you like the gift that we will give you tonight...we love you!