Good Help Is Easy To Find

Hayden had a jam packed day full of fun today. It started with our daily walk where we met up with a lady who fell in love with Jessie. She stopped us to talk for a long time and wanted to take Jessie home with her because she was so reminded of her dearly beloved dog Ben who died a few years back. Jessie was probably wondering if the lady had a baby at home and that if she didn't it sounded like a pretty good deal to her. Too bad for Jessie but Hayden just couldn't part with his beloved. At least Jessie got the better part of someone's attention for a change.

Next we were off to MacSkimming Outdoor Centre to meet up with the kids from Churchill who were on their overnight. Hayden wished he could have stayed for the marshmallows and the guaranteed chilling and bloodcurdling stories that Jennifer was bound to tell at the campfire. Maybe next year Hayden. Here is Ray doing what he does best: teaching Hayden how to look at the world from a different angle.

After a quick dip in the pool back at home, Hayden was off again. This time it was to hang out with Jessica, Debbie, and Jaime while Mama and Daddy were off at their third tennis lesson. Boy was it fun. He even got his first taste of a popsicle and some Cheerios! Too bad it was his last taste of a popsicle. That sugar sure did a number on Mama and Daddy back at home.

Jessica: Hayden's future Sugar Mama

Aunty Debbie: Knower of all things good and tasty
Why did I eat all of that sugar?