Summer's End

Daisy exhausted from all of the summer fun at Bon Echo.
These kids could play on the beach for hours. Literally. We had many beach trips this summer. Grandma and Grandpa took the kids a couple of times, we celebrated Nico's birthday at the beach, and here they are at the Bon Echo beach. Both Hayden and Daisy are content to sit and dig and play in the shallow waters for hours on end. Between Scott's food poisoning and his bum knee, the beach was certainly a saviour to keep the kids entertained while camping.

The summer has brought the kids a little closer together. It is still a love hate relationship but big brother Hayden is really starting to look out for Daisy and empathize with her when she's sad. Daisy seems mostly grateful that Hayden has taught her how to defend herself and how to be a tough little nugget. She won't let anyone get in her way, including her big brother.

Lindy and Daisy=BFF
Daisy has a huge crush on Shawn. Whenever she sees him, she runs up and jumps into his arms. She normally won't come out from behind our legs for anyone else. Then she proceeds to snuzzle in to his shoulder with this dreamy smile on her face. She'll stay there for as long as he'll hold on to her.
Daisy and I got some seriously overdue lady time. We headed up to Tremblant on Labour Day weekend with Jaime, Casey, and Linden. We laughed, danced, ate, and chilled. Daisy and Linden did some serious bonding and are now BFFs.

Although they are BFFs, Daisy is still dealing with some trust issues.
Our BFFs Birthday party!

First Day of Kindergarten!

Our boy is officially part of the system now.