Money Maker

Hayden was a busy money maker today at the Churchill Craft Fair. Our friend Jenny finally decided to go public with her beautiful jewelery and Hayden and I went along to help her out. I think his perfectly cute face was responsible for at least half of her profits. But seriously, Jenny's beautiful jewels were a hit just like we knew they would be. Hayden was such a good baby by sleeping for the first three hours of the sale and then smiling for the last hour and a half. He was ooohed and aaahed over quite a bit and he handled it very well.

Hayden's still a bit congested. We called Telehealth Ontario today just to get a peace of mind on everything. The nurse suggested a saline solution to help him out but told us there's nothing to worry about. What a great service.
Hayden met a potential girlfriend today. He went to Aunty Jaime's and met Ira and Vimi and their baby Maya. She is one month older than Hayden and has the most beautifully huge eyes. Unfortunately for Maya, it was Vimi that Hayden couldn't take his eyes off of. He really was enamored with her.