Packin' It On

Say what you will about "La Bell Province" but they sure do take care of their babies. Every Monday, there is a free breastfeeding clinic and a free "How is your baby doing?" clinic with a nurse on hand to answer any of your questions. Hayden and I dropped in today to see how much weight he's gained. Scott and I made a some guesses yesterday. He guessed 6.6 lbs and I guessed 7.1 lbs. We were both wrong...Hayden weighs a whopping 8 lbs!!
It's funny how your priorities change and what tiny things can make your day: a couple of pounds gained (on Hayden, not me), a good burp after a feeding (for Hayden or for me), being woken up at 4 am instead of 2am. These small things can really make a lady's day.
We tried something else new today. Now, I love my slings but, when walking Jessie and trying to hold Hayden up in the sling, things can get a bit much. Today, we took our first walk in the stroller. This meant a much longer walk for Jessie. She was happy to see that she still takes after her mother when passers-by mistook her for just a young pup when she is in fact the ripe old age of five.