bad hair day

Hayden having a bad hair moment.
Hayden and I are really getting into the swing of things. We've got our own little routine now. In the morning, he'll eat at about 7:00 and then we'll get changed and go downstairs. He'll usually eat a bit more when we get downstairs and then he has his longest period of alertness. He'll usually stay awake for anywhere from an hour to three hours depending on what we're doing. He'll eat again at around noon or one and then we'll take a nap. We'll get up at around 4:00 and he'll eat again and then we'll wait for Scott to get home. He'll usually get hungry again just as our dinner is ready and then again just before bed time. He's usually alert for his dad during the evening for an hour or so. Right now, he's getting up twice during the night to eat but we're hoping that will come to an end soon.
Today, he was alert for over four hours as we visited our friends at Churchill. The kids from my class seemed to really love the visit as did the teachers. His level of alertness makes me believe he's going to be really into school when he's older.
Right now, he's settling in and getting ready to watch Ottawa beat the pants off of the Leafs.


Anonymous said...

I remember thinking that getting up twice during the night would still hasn't for us:) Cross your fingers! It sounds like he is a great baby only gets better...Thanks for all the updates..I really am obsessed with cheking for them.